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For independent and franchise hotels looking for global services and state-of-the-art technology without paying a marketing premium to a brand.

We make your hotel business easy

It takes two to make a success

We look for owner/operators who want to partner for success and are will­ing to be open and try something different. We talk to so many hotel owners, they know where they want to go, but they don’t know how to get there. We’ll help you get where you want to go.

Direct connection to a global channel network

Connection of international, leisure, corporate, business and group market segments. We Increase your hotel’s revenue, via a combination of right channels and revenue tools. We can add real and measurable value to your hotel’s business

More than a technology provider

Hotel owners know what’s best for their property, market and employees … we do not come into a hotel property with a ‘property improvement plan’. We do have quality standards, but we don’t dictate how they come about that, so that saves hotel owners a lot of money.”

The story behind

Taktikon Hotels was founded during the toughest period for the travel industry, the global Covid-pandemic, by joining the skills and technology accumulated in the field of hotel distribution and revenue management technology.

Already prior to the pandemic, there has been a noticeable shift in the balance sheets of independent hotel operators. Distribution cost, commissions, reservation technology, marketing partnerships and sales support were taking a bigger and bigger chunk of revenue coming from more or less stable ADR. The growth rate of ADR and RevPAR since the ecomomic crisis of 2008 was in the single digits year after year. Yet the cost of distribution and marketing increased at an expontential rate, taking an ever increasing share of product revenues. If anything, the implosion of travel demand as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic unveiled a broader problem: How sustainable is a business model where hotel operators are struggling with lower and lower margins at steadily increasing cost for production ? Something had to be done.

This is where the idea and concept for Taktikon Hotels was born. We want to provide access to all technology, distribution and better revenue management skills than your local or global chain, and all of this at low and transparent cost. No marketing funds, no trade show booths, no global sales office and no million dollar CEO salary package.

“Taktikon Hotels provides straight forward distribution, digital marketing, revenue and pricing services, tailored around the needs of the individual hotels.”

A glitch in the matrix

While analysing the business models of hotel franchise groups and marketing representation groups, we noticed a glitch in the Matrix:

  • Why are single hoteliers paying for a brand to be stuck on their building, when the actual reason they join the brand is actually the access to technology and distribution?
  • How much of their cost contribution goes to the franchise brands marketing presence and how relevant is this marketing presence if it is linked to a loyalty program that has it’s own cost markups ?
  • What are hoteliers joining a local or global brand looking for in benefits from the partnership?

Our products

Our services cover CRS, Booking engine, Digital Marketing, Revenue Management services & tools, RFP contracting and technical audits


Unlimited Distribution: The missing link between revenue management strategy and cost-efficient implementation to the distribution platforms.
Unlimited Distribution is a complete distribution platform connecting Internet, Booking Engine, GDS, Metasearch and Channel Management in one place with a two-way connection to your Property Management System and Revenue Management System. Unlimited Distribution allows for distribution to all important channels with full technical and revenue strategy support. With our own distribution platform, we can meet our clients needs for consultancy, strategy, and distribution in one integrated solution package.

Integrated Booking Engine To Reduce Commission Costs

Most hotel booking systems can’t hold a candle to our Booking Engine. It includes many fresh, new features, optimized for single property independents, multi-property groups, and large hotel brands, all geared to allow cross-selling as well as suggestive selling, prompts. Convert lookers to bookers which generate more revenue for your hotel Welcome guests to your digital lobby with our Booking Engine, providing them with content and booking options not found in other hotel booking systems. Hotel shopping experience has never been better.

CRS & Distribution

eMarketing and MetaSearch

Revenue Management

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