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Independent hotels supported by Taktikon Hotels receive global distribution, strategic revenue management support and an optional cloud based dynamic Property and Channel Management system.


Booking Engine

The Unlimited Distribution Engine includes many features, optimised for single property independents, multi-property groups, and large hotel brands

All Connecitivites

  • Increased Revenue

  • Greater Booking Potential

  • Increased Visibility

Local Service

Working with Unlimited Distribution is easy; we take care of all mappings from your Property Management System towards the various distribution channels including OTA, GDS and your website (WBE).  You get a dedicated Customer Service Manager who understands your needs and goals and will make sure your distribution strategy is optimized at all time.

Travel Management (RFP)

RFP stands for Request for Proposal, which is a common way for businesses to find what they need. The way it works is that a company or organisation announces a request for a particular project, system or program and providers can place bids for the project’s completion.

Guest Loyalty

Take back control of your guest relation. Create loyalty by offering exceptional communication and benefits through booking directly. Reward customers individually for  being loyal by your own definition. Introducing SHR’s Maverick, Taktikon Hotels offers the most sensible, logical and advanced CRM system to administer your client profiles.

Procurement Benefits

Why Choose Us?

Taktikon Hotels provides top of the line technology and hands on expertise in on-boarding, support and fine-tuning your reservation and distribution channels.

Our management and support team consists exclusively of experts in the field of hospitality distribution, revenue management and digital marketing

Taktikon Hotels’ team does not only understand the systems we provide, but also the systems and technology hotels have access to. We understand your needs and requirements from the decades of experience in the field of rate distribuiton and profit optimisation.

In everything we do, we believe that simplicity for the user, profitability and speed are of essence. We understand what you are trying to achieve and we help you get there

We know that not all technology providers are equally fitted for all needs of a hotel. We have selected the most agile and technology advanced system providers such as SHR and Synxis for our solutions.

Our focus is always your bottom line. If it’s not profitable, it won’t work for you. This is our mantra. Our extensive background in Total Revenue Profit Management equips us with the tools and knowledge to give you the right recommendations for systems, solutions and strategies tailored to your business.

With a combined expertise of over 120 years in travel distribution in the leadership team, we have seen all of thetechnologies throughout the past decades emerge, grow and develop. We know what works best for what purpose and we happily share this expertise with you.

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